PS4 Remote Play APK Download Android

PS4 Remote Play APK

PS4 Remote Play APK


► PS4 remote play app is developed by Playstation Mobile Inc or Sony Interactive Entertainment. It allows you to use the PSP system to wirelessly connect to the PS4 system. PS4 Remote play app is able to transfer partial PS4 functions to the PSP system.

► PS4 Remote play app is now available for Android. It allows you to enjoy your PS4 games on your smartphone screen using DualShock controller. The idea is to transform your mobile devices into a temporary PSP. It can’t be better as you can enjoy your PS4 games through your smartphone. It can only work if you already have Sony Entertainment Network account.

► You can Connect to your Xperia smartphone or any other tablet to your home WIFI network, get a DUALSHOCK wireless controller and continue your games in your own Xperia device away from your TV screen.

► However, it should be noted that PS4 Remote Play isn’t like a universal game emulator. It doesn’t work by replacing certain files or folders, it’s only compatible with PS4 games that you’ve purchased with your account. In fact, PS4 remote play app isn’t an emulator at all. Instead, PS4 remote play app works by sending the user interface as well as graphics of the video games on the PS4 system to the remote device and controllers through the wireless network. Ps4 Remote play app utilizes the screen mirroring function to conduct the action.

► Actually, it works in the similar way of the cloud gaming services. Like Xbox Live, PlayStation Now, and OnLive are the platforms which adapt this kind of system. Even though not all the games have a native 1080p resolution, accessing the PS4 games wouldn’t be a problem in a smaller screen, let’s say your smartphone. As long as you have a stable connection, you can smoothly play the games.  


App NamePs4 Remote Play
Size8.94 MB
VersionLatest Version
File TypeAPK

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ps4 remote play apk

PS4 Remote Play APK

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Additional Features Of PS4 Remote Play App

► What makes the connection becomes more important for this system are the codes sent through it. The connections stability will determine the code transfers which affect the accuracy the video games played with Ps4 remote play app. It allows your smartphone to host PS4 so you’re able to smoothly send control commands. As long as PS4 remote play app can be downloaded and installed on your device, then it should be compatible with your device.

► What you need to play video games with PS4 remote play app include a PC, Dualshock wireless controller, a stable internet and wireless connection, and of course your Sony Entertainment Network account.

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