25 Best Apps Like Showbox To Watch Movies For Free

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our day-to-day lives. From entertainment, making calls, sending messages to setting alarms, taking photos, checking social media, and managing emails, people use these smart devices for countless applications. Of these, using smartphones for entertainment purposes, such as listening to music or watching movies holds an important place.

If you are someone who likes to use the smartphone to watch movies or your favorite television shows, you probably know some of the media streaming apps out there. Although there are several streaming apps available for download, Showbox is one app that has gained a lot of attention over the past years.

What is Showbox?

Showbox is an application that can stream all your favorite movies and television shows on the go. It can be installed on any device that runs the Android operating system.

One of the features that have made this app so popular is that all the services offered by the app are free and you can use them without any kind of subscription.

Another great feature of the Showbox app is that you get to watch streaming videos and movies in High Definition format. You can also download movies and TV shows free of cost, using this app.

With a user-friendly interface and uninterrupted service, Showbox is a first-rate entertainment center that delivers high quality streaming media content to Android users.

25 Best Apps Like Showbox

Best Apps Like Showbox

As already mentioned, there are numerous streaming apps like Showbox that can offer an enjoyable video streaming experience. If you’ve already been using Showbox and would like to explore other options, here are some of the best alternatives that you can try.

1) Playbox HD

PlayBox HDPlaybox HD is a popular video streaming app that can be used both on Android and iOS smartphones. You can use this free app to download and enjoy your favorite movies, videos, and TV shows. All the movies and videos can be enjoyed in high definition quality with subtitles.

Another great feature of Playbox HD is that it allows you to download a movie and watch it later without using the internet. The content is regularly updated so that you can watch the latest movies and shows without any hassle.

With Playbox HD, you have the option to select the quality of the videos, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Download Playbox HD APK

2) Megabox HD

Download Megabox HD AppMegabox HD is another wonderful alternative to Showbox that lets you enjoy tons of movies and television shows from your Android devices. You can either choose to stream the movies or download them. Depending on the internet speed, you also have the option to select the quality of the streaming content.

The user-friendly interface provides easy access to everything you want to watch. The movies and shows are categorized based on latest releases, genre, popularity, and user reviews. The app is regularly updated, thus enabling you to watch the latest TV shows and movies without having to search for them on the internet.

One drawback of this app is that you’ll be forced to watch unwanted ads while enjoying your favorite movies or TV shows which can be quite annoying at times.

Download Megabox HD APK

3) Popcorn Time

PopCorn TimePopcorn Time is another leading Showbox alternative that is available for Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems. With a vast library of movies and shows that are streamed with remarkable quality, this app offers guaranteed fun and excitement.

Popcorn Time is a free app that continuously searches the internet for the best torrents to bring you great movies and Television shows.

If you have a good internet connection, you can watch your favorite movies and videos as many times as you want without any restriction. With this app, you get to watch everything in high definition quality with subtitles.

Download Popcorn Time APK

4) Movie Box

Movie BoxMovie Box is a popular app that has a growing fan base all over the world. Free of charge and delivering high-quality streaming content, this app is one of the best alternatives to Showbox. The latest version of the Movie Box app is compatible with all operating systems, including Android, iOS, and PC Windows.

The Movie Box app allows you to download and watch movies, TV shows, and videos on your smartphone all in high definition quality. There is a huge collection of movies and videos that you get to access completely free. The trailers of latest movies are also available in Movie Box.

With this app, you can watch the latest releases, popular as well as top-rated movies and shows. To ensure maximum viewing experience, this app gives you the option to choose video streaming quality, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Download Movie Box APK

5) Hulu

HuluIf you’re looking for an app, where you can enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows in one place, the Hulu app is worth a try.

With a massive selection of movies, TV Serials, and anime series, this app has made it to the list of top video-streaming services available in the market.

By subscribing to Hulu, you get access to an enormous streaming library that includes movies, kid’s programs, Hulu Originals, past and current episodes of popular shows, and more.

The base subscription fee is $7.99 per month, and this option comes with some advertisements while with the $11.99 per month subscription option, you can bypass ads.

You can also pay $39.99 per month and subscribe to Hulu’s live TV Beta plan, which is a worthwhile service.

Hulu also gives you the option to switch plans or cancel the subscription any time you want.

Download Hulu APK

6) Crackle

CrackleCrackle may not provide you with a search option or stream HD quality videos, but it sure is one of the best-known streaming services available and is a great alternative to Showbox.

You can watch all your favorite TV serials or movies on this app all for free. Since it is a free app, crackle will run advertisements during the movies and TV programs.

Crackle has an excellent collection of movies that includes some of the newest ones as well. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets you choose movies sorted in alphabetic order, duration or genre.

If you’re particular about watching content in HD quality, Crackle is not the app for you. Although you can adjust the quality of the streaming content at Crackle depending on your internet speed, video quality tops out at 480p.

However, you can expect the streaming to be smooth without any delays or stalls.

Download Crackle APK

7) Sky HD

Sky HDAnother great app well-known for providing high-quality streaming content is the Sky HD app. But you need to have an active Sky subscription to avail the services of this app.

For those who have a Sky account, this app provides an excellent archive of high-quality streaming content, free of charge.

The videos are of high definition format, and the sound quality is simply superb. There’s a download option that allows you to download your favorite movies and other content on to your smartphones so that you can enjoy them even when you’re not connected to the internet.

The app is available for download for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Download Sky HD APK

8) CinemaBox HD

CinemaBox HDCinemaBox HD is an impressive streaming app that lets you watch movies and TV shows on any smartphone which runs Android or iOS operating systems.

A free app with a whole lot of amazing features, CinemaBox HD is worth a try if you’re looking for a good Showbox alternative.

With this app, you can watch a wide range of streaming content in high definition quality along with subtitles.

The app is regularly updated, allowing you to watch the latest movies and TV shows. You also have the option to download the videos on to your smart devices and watch them offline later.

The app offers a kid’s mode feature that allows parents to block all those programs, which they believe are inappropriate for their kids.

If you want all your favorite TV shows, movies, music videos, anime series, and cartoons in one place, then this is just the app for you.

Download CinemaBox HD APK

9) Stremio

StremioStremio, a one-stop hub for video streaming, is a wonderful application that allows you to watch as well as search and organize video content, including movies, live TV shows, and series.

An add-on system collects the various videos for streaming, from services like HBO, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, iTunes, and other popular sources.

The content is organized based on genre, category, rating, or date of release, making it easier for the user to find new movies, TV shows, and video content.

You also get notified of new movie releases or program episodes. The app gives you the option to arrange your favorite videos and programs in any order you want.

Using Stremio’s add-on system, you can add various tools and get extra functionality in the app.

10) DuckieTV

DuckieTVDuckieTV is a free personalized calendar app that tracks your favorite TV shows on multiple torrent sites. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, OSX, and Android.

DuckieTV searches for new episodes and downloads them automatically to your hard drive. Using the integrated DuckieTorrent client, you can connect the app to your Torrent client and get updates on the download progress.

Movies are not available in DuckieTV, but hopefully, they’ll integrate this feature into the coming versions of the app.

11) HBO Now

HBO NowWith HBO Now, you can watch the latest hit movies, new episodes of HBO’s TV shows, news, smart talk shows, comedy specials, and more.

All you need to do is download the app and sign up for a free one-month trial and then start watching your favorite programs on your smartphone or PC. After the free trial, you can subscribe by paying $14.99 per month.

HBO Now is available only in the United States and certain U.S. territories. While other apps stream content from various networks, HBO Now is HBO-specific.

The app also doesn’t support the offline view, which means you need an internet connection to access the movies and shows from the library.

12) Terrarium TV

Terrarium TVAnother best alternative to Showbox is the Terrarium TV app that has a huge collection of movies and TV shows which can be accessed by downloading on your Android or iOS device.

All movies and shows are available in high definition quality, and you don’t have to pay a single penny to access the program library.

You can select any genre you want and even bookmark your favorite shows. To find a movie or series quickly, you can make use of the search feature.

Depending on your internet speed, you can select the video quality, which typically includes 360p, 720p, and 1080p.

The app not only allows you to stream videos directly but also to download them on to your device so that you can watch them later without an internet connection.

Download Terrarium TV APK

13) Streamza

StreamzaOne of the easiest and fastest ways to stream movies, music, and videos is torrenting. Unfortunately, most of the time, this method exposes your device to the attack of viruses.

A great way around this problem is to use the Streamza app. With this app, you can stream movies and videos safely without the fear of malware, messing up your system.

Streamza has a huge content library that can be accessed without paying a monthly subscription fee.

The library is continuously updated, and you can either stream the content directly from the app or download it for viewing later.

The app also gives you the option to select your video streaming quality, allowing you take up less data while streaming on a slower internet connection.

14) Movie HD

Movie HDFor those looking for a little bit of variety, the Movie HD app is a great choice you may want to try.

In addition to streaming content directly, the app also gives you the option to save the content to favorites or download them for viewing later.

Although it offers movies and videos in high definition quality, you also get to select the quality of the streaming, depending on your internet speed.

With an easy-to-use user interface, Movie HD lets you search for your favorite movies and watch them without any delays or stops.

One of the best features of this application is that it is regularly updated, allowing the users to enjoy the newest TV shows and movies.

It has one of the biggest collections of streaming content that include the TV series and latest movies which can be browsed based on latest releases, popularity, genre, and rating.

Download Movie HD APK

15) Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie BoxWith tons of free movies and TV shows, the Bobby movie box app provides great entertainment for you and your family.

Originally developed for the iPhone, this app is now available for Android devices as well.

The app has a sleek and easy-to-use User Interface that helps you find and watch your favorite movies or TV series easily. With the Bobby Movie Box app, you can enjoy High Definition quality streaming content free of charge.

The media in this app is organized based on genres, actors, directors, and more which helps you to find your choice of the movie more easily.

The vast media library is updated constantly and features the newest collections of movies and videos.

The bookmark feature of this app allows you to bookmark your favorite movies so that you can watch them later or as many times as you want.

Download Bobby Movie Box APK

16) Hubi

HubiThe Hubi streaming app is another best alternative to Showbox that lets you stream and download videos on your smartphone from the most popular streaming services.

Instead of direct streaming of movies and videos, Hubi shows the links of websites that offer these contents.

The User Interface of Hubi is quite simple and easy to use, making it a very user-friendly app.

The app keeps track of your view history, allowing you to watch the movies and videos as many times as you want. Hubi is a free app, but it is ad-supported. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Download Hubi APK

17) Gigaplex HD

Gigaplex HDWhen it comes to the best entertainment apps, the Gigaplex HD app is a popular choice with a huge fan base all over the world. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

With a simple and easy-to-use User Interface, the Gigaplex HD offers tons of high-quality American Indian movies available in a wide variety of genres.

For those who want to enjoy more features, Gigaplex HD offers a monthly subscription service through which you can watch the movies as many times as you want without having to watch any annoying ads.

You can pause the videos and later resume from where you left off. With this app, it’s best to view the movies over high-quality WiFi, 3G or 4G connection.

18) Cartoon HD

Cartoon HDDon’t be fooled by its title! The Cartoon HD app is not just for streaming cartoon shows but also you can watch a wide range of movies, TV shows, and anime clips with this app.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, Cartoon HD lets you watch your favorite videos and save them for later viewing.

This is a free app that has an immense collection of movies, which can be viewed in high-quality.

Moreover, the video library is updated continuously to provide the users with the latest movies and TV shows.

Download Cartoon HD APK

19) Viewster

ViewsterAnother easy way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your smartphone is by downloading the Viewster app that provides hundreds of movies, anime episodes, TV series, and documentaries free of charge.

The movie database includes hundreds of movies that can be filtered by genre and language. Viewster doesn’t require you to sign up. You can start watching the movies as soon as you download and install the app.

Viewster is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. One area that could be rather disappointing to many users is the video streaming quality of this app.

Most of the movies and videos are of DVD or less than DVD quality. However, you have the option to choose the video resolution, depending on your internet speed.

Since you are streaming videos and movies at no cost, you can expect to see multiple advertisements as you watch your favorite movies.

20) Tubi TV

Tubi TVTubi TV is a free streaming app that you should surely give a try. With this app, it is so easy to search for the films and TV shows you wish to watch.

All the videos in Tubi TV are organized into different categories, making it easier for you to find your favorite videos and movies.

All the movies in this app are grouped based on category with no filtering options. This means that you can’t filter the movies by rating, popularity, date added, etc.

While most videos are of high definition quality, there are a few whose quality is almost like DVD quality.

Since Tubi TV is a free app, every movie or video will have multiple ads of short duration. You can start using the app soon after you install it without any need for registration or subscription.

Streaming quality is quite good with less buffering or loading time. Tubi TV is available for both Android and iOS devices.

21) Flipps HD

Flipps HDWith Flipps HD free movie streaming app, you can watch all the latest movies and TV shows on your smartphone in high definition quality. You can also stream your favorite shows on any smart TV by connecting your smartphone to the TV.

Flipps HD allows you to watch your favorite shows and videos as many times as you want without any charges. Yes, everything is available for free!

It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. Flipps HD app automatically searches and finds any connected TVs around you.

You get to browse through categories, namely movies, sports, music, entertainment, cartoons, educational programs, news, and lifestyle and choose from more than 100 channels.

Although it may take some time to start, the streaming is very smooth once it starts. If you have a high-speed internet connection, there won’t be any delay or interruptions during the streaming of high definition content.

22) Newest Movie HD

Newest Movie HDNewest Movie HD is a streaming app that has gained wide popularity these days. It is one of the best alternatives to Showbox, featuring an enormous collection of movies in different languages.

The movies and videos are of excellent quality, and the streaming is also very smooth without any kind of buffering problems. Whether it’s latest movies or TV shows and serials, Newest movie HD provides you with whatever you are looking for.

To watch movies or TV shows on this app, there is no need to connect to the internet all the time. You have the option to download the movies or TV shows so that you can watch them offline.

This feature comes in handy while traveling because you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies without getting bored.

Depending on the internet connection speed you have, you can either select the HD quality or the normal streaming quality.

Download Newest Movie HD APK

23) PlayView

PlayViewAnother free app that allows you to stream plenty of movies and TV shows on your smartphone is the PlayView app.

The app also allows you to download your favorite movies and videos and watch them when you’re not connected to the internet.

The app features a huge collection of movies and TV shows, including trailers of new movies. The library is regularly updated to include the latest content.

Movies are arranged according to the genre, making it very easy to find the kind you’re looking for. The user interface is easy to use, and the quality of videos is very good.

24) VideoMix

VideoMixVideoMix is another Showbox alternative that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, cartoons, and entertainment shows on your smartphone.

It gives you access to limitless resources, where you have the option to search for your favorite movies and shows.

To watch an item you’ve selected, VideoMix gives you many different options of sources to stream it from. You also get to choose the quality of the video, depending on your internet speed.

The user interface of this app is so simple that even a first-time user can browse the app easily to find movies or TV series of his choice.

25) MovieTube

MovietubeFor absolute movie lovers, the MovieTube app is one of the best entertainment apps that allows you to watch movies in high definition quality without any charge.

The hundreds of movies in the collection are named by genres such as comedy, romance, mystery, horror, and so on.

Featuring 16 genres, 32 language options, movie categories, recent releases, and many more, the MovieTube app serves as a great alternative to Showbox app.

You can save any movie to the favorite folder and then watch it later. Furthermore, all movies can be viewed in HD quality.

Download MovieTube APK


If for some reason you can’t get Showbox to work on your smart device or if you are fed up with Smartbox and want a change, make sure to try these Showbox alternatives. Let us know which one you like the best.

If you come across any other Showbox alternatives, do share it with us!

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