Download and Install Free Cyberflix TV APK 3.2.3 (Official) for Android, iOS, Firestick & PC

The entertainment industry is one of the most growing industries among others. Thousands of movies and TV shows released per year worldwide. With the emergence of social media now the movies and TV shows are not restricted to a specific country. Now people love to watch the movies and shows of other countries as well. Thus, to watch your favorite content now people are dependent on the online platforms. 

Selecting the best app to stream the movies and TV shows is not an easy job because now we find an unlimited number of streaming apps. But it is also a fact that most of these apps don’t contain the stuff you are looking for or are not up to the mark. While a few apps have your desired content but contain lots of irritating ads. But for the entertainment lovers, Cyberflix TV APK is one of the best choices.  

Cyberflix TV APK introduction:

Cyberflix TV APK is one of the best entertainment apps. For the movie lovers or the crazy fans of the TV series or shows Cyberflix TV APK is one of the best apps. Now enjoy the ultimate entertainment with HD quality without any interruption or ad breaks. This app gains the international fame as its impressive and significant features attract the users. 

This user-friendly application is also considered the alternative of the Terrarium TV which shuts down. But it is also a fact that various app developers tried to design an app like Terrarium but didn’t get success. While on the other hand Cyberflix takes the lead and its amazing features make it an outstanding and better version of Cyberflix TV. 

Cyberflix TV APK

Now watch the huge content from all around the world on one platform in great quality. It provides you an ad-free environment and 100 percent safe and secure app to watch your favorite content. Now you don’t need to wait for long hours in front of the TV to watch your favorite show. 

Cyberflix TV APK basic information:

Application NameCyberflix TV App
APK Size17.50 MB
Android Version requires5.0 and up
Updated5th January, 2020
Content Rating12+

Cyberflix TV APK 3.2.3 Changelog:

Cyberflix TV APK

Cyberflix TV APK screenshot:

Cyberflix TV APK

Install Free CyberflixInstall Free Cyberflix

Features of Cyberflix TV APK:

The Cuberflix has amazing features. The most amazing features are mentioned below that make this application most demanding and trending application. 

  1. The Cyberflix TV APK offers you a huge library of the content. You will find all kinds of movies and TV shows on this app whether it is the latest or of the 80s. 
  2. On this impressive app, you can watch the content of almost all genres. These genres include horror, romance, thriller, comedy, fiction, suspense, and many more. 
  3. On this amazing app, you can find the movies in other languages too under separate categories. Cyberflix TV app features the content in Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Chines, and many other languages. 
  4. The interface of this exceptional application is simple and user-friendly. Anyone can use it as it is well managed and organized. 
  5. You can watch your favorite content on this app in high-quality. You can watch the content from 720p to 1080p and to get even better quality it offers you the opportunity to watch a video in the 4k HD quality.
  6. To remove the language barrier and for a better understanding of your favorite TV show or movie, it features the subtitles option. The subtitles are available in multiple languages. 
  7. It Supports Real Debrid. With this amazing feature, you can stream the video content in better and high-quality. 
  8. On this amazing app, you can change the synopsis in a language that you can understand. 
  9. The Cyberflix TV APK provides you a completely ad-free environment for totally free. Now not even a single irritating ad will disturb you while watching your favorite movie or TV show. 
  10. It also ensures that you don’t miss any latest movies by giving you notifications. It notifies you about the release of new movies and TV shows.
  11. Cyberflix TV has an inbuilt video player. In addition to that, it also supports various video players for example, Cyber Player, VLC Player, and MX Player etc. 
  12. To give you an overview of a movie or a TV show the Cyberflix TV APK provides you the basic information so that you can decide whether you will watch it or not.
  13. It also gives you the opportunity to download your favorite movie or TV show. So, you can watch your favorite content when you have free time or don’t have an active internet connection.
  14. The Cyberflix TV APK also recommends you the movies and TV shows to watch similar to your watch history.
  15. The Cyberflix TV APK app is integrated with the Trakt.TV. With this, you can easily keep the record of the movies and episodes you have already watched. On this app, you can also create your own Watch List. 

The stages to Install Cyberflix TV APK 3.2.3 application on Android:

The installation of the Cyberflix TV APK 3.2.3 application on Android is very easy and simple. To install it you have to follow just a few simple steps. To download the APK application you have to go to the official website of the APK. Because it is not available on the Google Play Store. In addition to that, you also need to give access to the “unknown source” to install this application to your Android device. Here is the step-to-step guide to install the APK application on Android.

Stage 1:

Download the Cyberflix TV APK app from its official website at the first stage. Click on the APK file from the folder it has been placed or stored.

Stage 2:

Go to the “Settings” and select the option of “Security”. In the category of Security, enable the “unknown sources”.

Cyberflix TV APK

Stage 3:

Go to the “file manager” or “download manager” and tap on the APK file.

Cyberflix TV APK

Stage 4

Now it will take a few more moments to scan the app.

Cyberflix TV APK

Stage 5:

Choose “Continue Installing”

Cyberflix TV APK

Step 6:

Choose “Install” Option

Cyberflix TV APK

Step 7:

Now, it will take some time to Install.

Cyberflix TV APK

Step 8:

Once the scanning will complete a new window will open on your screen. At the bottom of the page, you will see the option of “Open”. Tap this option to launch the app.

Cyberflix TV APK

Step-to-step guide to download and install Cyberflix TV APK on Amazon Firestick/ Fire TV:

Installing the Cyberflix TV APK on Fire TV or Amazon Firestick is a user-friendly process. You can install the app by following a simple procedure. Here is an installation guide of this app on the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA, Android TV Box, etc. is given.

Open the Firestick and go to the main “Menu” in the “Settings” section.

Cyberflix TV APK

Choose the option of “My Fire TV” or “Device”.

Cyberflix TV APK

Select the “Developer Options” from the list.

Cyberflix TV APK

Now tap on the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option.

Cyberflix TV APK

“Turn On” the button from the “Apps from Unknown Sources”.

Cyberflix TV APK

Return to the “Home Screen” and select the “search icon”. Then go to the search box and type “Downloader”.

Cyberflix TV APK

Select the “Downloader app” from the list and install it.

Cyberflix TV APK

Now click the button of “Open”.

Cyberflix TV APK

Select the option of “Allow” from the given options.

Cyberflix TV APK

After selecting the option of “Allow” a new window will pop-up on the screen. Select the option of the “OK” button.

Cyberflix TV APK

Go back to settings on the left side in the Downloader app and select the box of “Enable JavaScript”.

Cyberflix TV APK

Now click on the “Home” or “Browser”. 

Cyberflix TV APK

Go to the URL Bar and enter the exact URL to download the APK app. Type accurate URL

Cyberflix TV APK

After entering the URL it will take a few moments to download the file of APK.

Cyberflix TV APK

With the completion of the file downloading a new page will pop-up on your screen. Click on the “Install” option.

Cyberflix TV APK

Now click on the “Done” button.

Cyberflix TV APK

A new message box will appear on your screen with three options, Install, Delete, and Done. Select the option of “Delete”.

Cyberflix TV APK

Now go back to your “Channels and Apps” and hit “See All”.

Cyberflix TV APK

The process to integrate MX Player with Cyberflix TV on Firestick:

Cyberflix has its own inbuilt video player but it also supports the external player such as MX Player. And if you want to use MX Player in Cyberflix TV and you haven’t already downloaded it in your Firestick than install and download it first. 

  • To guide you, the process to download the MX Player in your Firestick has mentioned below:
  • Go to “Settings” in Cyberflix TV
  • Now from the section of “General” select the option of “Choose default video player”.

Cyberflix TV APK

  • Now a message box will pop-up on your screen with options. Choose the option of “MX Player” as you are downloading the MX Player. And if you want to download another player you can select that player as well.

Cyberflix TV APK

The process to Integrate Real Debrid with Cyberflix TV on Firestick:

Cyberflix TV APK app gives you the opportunity to add real-debris for enjoying high-quality video links. With this feature, you can get easy access to 4k video links.

For this service, you need to visit the official site of Real Debrid and get the Real-Debrid service that costs you $5 per month. 

The following instructions guide you to set up Real-Derid in Cyberflix TV.

  • At first, step register on and subscribe for at least its basic plan.
  • Now Go to Cyberflix TV in Firestick and then go to “Settings”.

Cyberflix TV APK

  • Go to the option of Real-Debrid and hit on “Login to Real Debrid”.

Cyberflix TV APK

  • Type the code to verify it that is mentioned in the image that is given below.

Cyberflix TV APK

  • In this step take any other device and open Chrome on this. Now go to the and enter the above-mentioned code. After entering the code click on the button of “continue”.

Cyberflix TV APK

  • After that you will see a new page on your screen to see that the authorization is confirmed.

Cyberflix TV APK

  • After that, you will see that in Cyberflix the Real Debrid is authorized. Now you can enjoy it without buffer.

Cyberflix TV APK

The method to Install Cyberflix TV APK on Android Smart TV:

You can also enjoy movies or TV shows on the big screen. Install the Cyberflix TV APK app on Android Smart TV by following the simple method that is given below:

Cyberflix TV APK

  • In the “Settings” go to the “Security” option. 
  • In the Security option and enable the “unknown sources”.
  • In the next phase, download and install the “puffin browser” from the Google Play Store. 
  • Enter the URL on the URL tab. 
  • Now come back on the “Home page” and in the menu go to the app section and hit on the APK file. 
  • Start to follow the instructions appearing on-screen and install the app.

Installation guide to install Cyberflix TV APK on Roku:

Cyberflix TV APK

As you can download the Cyberflix TV app on the devices that can support the Android operating system. While Roku is used as a streaming stick for TVs that has its own operating system that is known as ROKU OS. According to this, it is impossible to download the app on Roku as you don’t have any android emulators for this amazing app.

But here is the solutions. As it doesn’t have a direct method so here is the step-to-step guide is given below for downloading the Cyberflix TV app on Roku TV.

  1. Download the amazing Cyberflix TV APK app file for the Roku device from its official website.
  2. Install the Cyberflix TV on your Android phone.
  3. Now on your Android phone open “Google Play”.
  4. In this step type “Local Cast” and press the key to enter. 
  5. Hit the option of “Install”.
  6. Now, wait until the installation is going on.
  1. After the successful installation now on your Android phone go for the option of “Open Local Cast App”.
  2. Now hit the “Small Yellow Icon” that is placed at the bottom right side of your screen. 
  3. Go on the right side to “Enable Roku” on the Pop-Up screen in the Discovery Options.
  4. Hit “Ok”.
  5. Now switch on your TV.
  6. Connect your ROKU Stick to the same Wi-Fi internet Network to which your phone is connected already.
  1. On your Android phone open “Cyberflix TV App”.
  2.  Now select your favorite movie.
  3. To get the multiple options long press on the movie icon.
  4. Hit the option of “Play with…”
  5. Select the option of “Local Cast” from the option of Choose a Video Player
  6. Cyberflix app will load the Local Cast app on your android phone. 
  7. Now click on your Roku stick name to connect it. 

Now you are ready to stream your favorite TV show or movies to your Roku device through your smartphone or tablet.

The process to Install Cyberflix TV APK on Windows PC or Mac:

Cyberflix TV APK

Cyberflix TV APK app doesn’t support Windows PC or Mac. So you cannot install it directly. To install it on your Windows PC you need to install android emulators. 

    1. At first download and install any Android emulator. You can download BlueStacks, Nox, Memu, or any other Android emulator.
    2. Now download the app of APK from its official website. 
    3. Take the cursor to the APK file and do the right-click. And select the option of “Open” with the BlueStacks.
    4. Now instructions will appear on your screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the APK app on your Windows PC or Mac. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Does Cyberflix TV app free to use?

Yes, Cyberflix TV APK application is totally free of use. You don’t need to pay any amount monthly or even in terms of subscription or registration.

Q- What devices support the Cyberflix TV application?

Cyberflix TV APK application support and is compatible with almost all Android devices. The most prominent devices are mentioned below:

  1. Android Smartphone
  2. Android TV Box
  3. Android SmartWatch
  4. Android Smart TV
  5. NVIDIA Shield
  6. Ruko
  7. Fire TV/ Firestick
  8. Android emulators
  9. Fire Cube
  10. KODI Android BOX
Q- Is the Cyberflix TV app Ad-Free?

Yes, the Cyberflix TV APK doesn’t contain ads. It provides you 100 percent ad-free environment.

Q- Does Cyberflix TV app is safe to use?

Yes, the Cyberflix TV APK is 100 percent safe and secure android application. It doesn’t contain any harmful viruses that can harm your device or data.

Q- Do you require a VPN for Cyberflix TV?

Cyberflix TV APK is an application to stream the videos. Therefore, you can use a VPN to protect or secure your privacy.

Q- How to download the Cyberflix TV APK application?

To download the Cyberflix TV APK, a direct download link is mentioned above.

Q- Can I install this app on my iPhone?

No, this application supports devices with android operating devices it is specifically designed for them. Thus, it is not suitable and supports the iOS of the iPhone.

Q- Can I install the Cyberflix TV APK app on PC?

Yes, you can install and download this application on PC. But to install this you need to use Android emulators. And the method of its installation on PC has also given above.

Q: Is Cyberflix TV App works on Firestick?

Cyberflix TV supports and is compatible with Firestick and works perfectly


Cyberflix TV APK is an ideal and amazing app with exceptional features. You can enjoy all its features for free. You can easily install and download this app in your Android devices and you are ready to go. Through this app, you cannot get bored as it features a huge list of movies and TV shows from around the globe for free. So, now watch your favorite video on your mobile anywhere or at any place. 

Updated: February 22, 2020 — 9:52 am

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