Fighting EX Layer Releasing on June 28th for PS4


Fighting EX Layer

Arika’s spiritual successor to the Street Fighter EX series, Fighting EX Layer, releases on June 28th for PS4. The game will retail in two different editions – the Light version with 12 characters and five Gougi Decks; and the Standard version which contains a thirteenth character and 10 more Gougi Decks.

With the former costing $39.99 and the latter retailing for $59.99, the Standard version is only really appealing for those who want more Gougi Decks. Considering that Light version players receive two more trial decks on a weekly rotation, it’s ultimately up to the player. In addition to this announcement, the game’s website has move lists for all 12 characters. Check them out here.

If you haven’t heard of it, Fighting EX Layer is a 2D fighter which features mechanics like running and Super Cancels. Chain Combos, a Progressive Mode for simplified inputs and an auto-combo system are also included. The Gougi Decks in question are different sets of bonuses that can be provided via the Gougi Boost system.

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