Download and Install FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2 on Android, Firestick, Mac and PC

In the past, people used to watch only their national channels on TV. After that, with the cable connections, they started to watch limited international channels too with the national channels. But for watching these channels you have to pay a specific amount per month. Despite paying a monthly fee the number of channels is limited. If you want to watch specific channels you have to pay an extra amount. 

But with the development of Android APK applications now you can access a huge number of channels. And the best part is that you can watch these channels for free too. Yes, although you will find some paid apps like Netflix and HBO, you will also find a huge list of APK apps that are completely free to use.

With these android apps, you can save your time and can watch the TV anytime and anywhere. As you don’t need to waste your time watching ads. You also don’t need to glue on your sofa in the wait to watch your favorite TV show.

FreeFlix TV APK

By installing an Android APK app you can watch the TV channels of different countries from around the world in High-quality. One of the outstanding Android application is the FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2.

What is FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2?

FreeFlix TV APK app is a highly recommended application. Through this app, you can watch live TV for free in high-quality.  It offers you live TV channels in a huge number from around the world in different languages.

In different Android applications, the problems you faced most of the time are blank screen, low-quality of the content, and the error while attaching it with the Chrome cast. But while using the FreeFlix TV APK app you don’t face such issues. It is simple to use and is a user-friendly application. 

FreeFlix TV APK app is one of the applications that are compatible with all the devices that supports the Android operating system such as Android smartphones, Android smart TV, Fire TV/ FireStick, and the list goes on and on. So, you have a wide option to use this application on devices but yes, this app doesn’t support the iPhone iOS. But no need to worry as developers are working on it.

FreeFlix TV APK

For installing this app you don’t need much space on your device. It takes less space so you don’t need to delete the data from your device to make space. Due to its lightweight, the chances of its crashing or stopping are less. 

Silent features of FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2:

FreeFLix TV APK app is an amazing app with distinguishing features. The features that make this app a user-friendly app and one of the top application are mentioned below:

  1. It is an application that is equally entertaining for all age groups. You will find channels for kids, and also will find all kind of entertainment for adults as it features TV channels of all genres. These genres include sports, news, religion, history, fiction, and so on. You can also listen to music. 
  2. FreeFlix application provides you the access to watch a wide range of channels of both national and international. 
  3. You will find movies in different languages such as German, English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and so on. 
  4. FreeFlix TV APK features dozens of radio stations. Now you can hear the coverage of live radio stations in various countries. 
  5. Enjoy the TV channels in High-quality. With this app, you can enjoy the content of high-quality for free. 
  6. Android FreeFlix TV app is free to use. You don’t need to pay any amount in terms of registration or subscription. You also don’t need to pay any monthly charges. Just download it and use it for free.
  7. Now you can watch your favorite TV channel on the big screen. It supports the Chrome cast and you can cast it with your device with just one click. 
  8. FreeFlix TV app has arranged whole content in an organized way. You will find whole content under a specific category. 
  9. It has a user-friendly interface. Everyone can use it easily as it is simple and easy to operate. 
  10. FreeFLix TV has a strong in-built video player. But if you want to use any other external video player you can use it. 

FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2 Screenshot:

FreeFlix TV APKFreeFlix TV APK

FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2 Info:

Application NameFreeFlix TV APP
APK Size19.1 MB
Android Version requires5.0 and up
UpdatedJuly 6th, 2019
Content Rating12+

The FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2 application’s installation guide on Android:

FreeFlix TV download and installation process on Android is very easy and simple. To install it you have to follow just a few simple steps. To download the FreeFlix TV APK application you have to go to the official website of the FreeFlix APK app. Because it is not available on the Google Play Store. In addition to that, you also need to give access to the “unknown source” to install this application to your Android device. Here is the step-to-step guide to install the APK application on Android.

Stage 1:

Download the FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2 app on its official website at the first stage. Click on the APK file from the folder it has been placed or stored.

Stage 2:

Go to the “Settings” and select the option of “Security”. In the category of Security, enable the “unknown sources”.

FreeFlix TV APK

Stage 3:

Go to the “file manager” or “download manager” and tap on the APK file. In this stage hit the button of “Install”.

FreeFlix TV APK

Stage 4:

Hit “install” button.

FreeFlix TV APK

Stage 5:

Now it will take a few more moments to install the app.Stage 6:

Once the scanning will complete a new window will open on your screen. At the bottom of the page, you will see the option of “Open”. Tap this option to launch the app.

FreeFlix TV APK

After the application launch, play any movie or TV show. Later on, you will get the login options. Login to this app through your Google account. 

The steps to download and install FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2 on Amazon Firestick/ Fire TV:

Installing the FreeFlix APK on Fire TV or Amazon Firestick is a user-friendly process. You can install the app by following a simple procedure. To install the app on Fire TV, NVIDIA, Android TV Box, etc. follow the given steps.

Open the Firestick and go to the main “Menu” in the “Settings” section.

Choose the option of “My Fire TV” or “Device”.

FreeFlix TV APK

Select the “Developer Options” from the list.

FreeFlix TV APK

Now tap on the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option.

FreeFlix TV APK

“Turn On” the button from the “Apps from Unknown Sources”.

FreeFlix TV APK

Return to the “Home Screen” and select the “search icon”. Then go to the search box and type “Downloader”.

FreeFlix TV APK

Select the “Downloader app” from the list and install it.

Now click the button of “Open”.

Select the option of “Allow” from the given options.

FreeFlix TV APK

After selecting the option of “Allow” a new window will pop-up on the screen. Select the option of the “OK” button.

FreeFlix TV APK

Go back to settings on the left side in the Downloader app and select the box of “Enable JavaScript”.

FreeFlix TV APK

Now click on the “Home” or “Browser”. 

FreeFlix TV APK

Go to the URL Bar and enter the exact URL to download the APK app. Type accurate URL

FreeFlix TV APK

After entering the URL it will take a few moments to download the file of APK.

FreeFlix TV APK

With the completion of the file downloading a new page will pop-up on your screen. Click on the “Install” option.

FreeFlix TV APK

Now click on the “Done” button.

FreeFlix TV APK

A new message box will appear on your screen with three options, Install, Delete, and Done. Select the option of “Delete”.

FreeFlix TV APK

Take your remote and press the “Home” button. Select the option of “Apps” from the options appear on your screen.

FreeFlix TV APK

At the bottom of the screen, the option of “FlixFreeTV” is located. 

Choose the “FlixFreeTV” and press the button of the menu on your Firestick remote. From the options click on the option of “Move to front”.

At the final stage launch the app.

The method to Install FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2 on Android Smart TV:

You can also enjoy movies or TV shows on the big screen. Install the app by following the simple method that is given below:

  • In the “Settings” go to the “Security” option. 
  • In the Security option and enable the “unknown sources”.
  • In the next phase, download and install the “puffin browser” from the Google Play Store. 
  • Enter the URL on the URL tab. 
  • Now come back on the “Home page” and in the menu go to the app section and hit on the APK file. 
  • Start to follow the instructions appearing on-screen and install the app.

The process to Install FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2 on Windows PC or Mac:

FreeFlix TV app doesn’t support Windows PC or Mac. So you cannot install it directly. To install it on your Windows PC you need to install android emulators. 

    1. At first download and install any Android emulator. You can download BlueStacks, Nox, Memu, or any other Android emulator.
    2. Now download the app of APK from its official website. 
    3. Take the cursor to the APK file and do the right-click. And select the option of “Open” with the BlueStacks.
    4. Now instructions will appear on your screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the APK app on your Windows PC or Mac. 

The FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2 app on iOS:

iPhone users want to know whether this app supports the iPhone or iPad. It is hard to install the FreeFlix TV app on iPhone iOS as you have to install it through a third-party. IOS doesn’t support such apps. Moreover, the FreeFlix TV APK app is designed for the Android operating system. 

But it doesn’t mean that it will not be available on iOS forever. The developers are working to launch an advanced version of this app with more improvements. It will be a better version of this app and hopefully, it will also be compatible with the iOS of the iPhone and iPad. 

Installation of FreeFlix on PC:

For installing any application on PC you always needed some executable files such as for windows EXE and for the Mac you need ZIP. But FreeFlix TV.EXE or ZIP is not available but it doesn’t mean that you cannot install it on your PC. With the help of Android emulators, you can easily install the FreeFlix APK app on your PC. You can use any android emulator of your choices such as BlueStacks and others. 

Fixing the fault if the Android app FreeFLix TV APK 1.0.2 is not working properly:

You rarely feel any trouble while using this application. If the app is not working properly or you detect any shortfall you don’t need to worry. You can easily fix it. The most common issues are discussed here:

Default in the video streaming process:

First of all, you have to check your internet connection. You must have an active internet connection on your device. Secondly, if the internet is connected to your device check its speed. Because in most cases internet speed is the major and great problem. After that contact with your ISP, if you are facing trouble related to the internet server running. 

After checking all these elements you still face any trouble than it is recommended to uninstall the app and then reinstall the FreeFlix TV APK 1.0.2.

As another solution to fix the issues, you can reboot the device and also clear the FreeFlix app cache.

The solution of the screen if it remains blank:

Another issue that users complain while using the FreeFlix app is that the screen remains blank. This issue also occurred due to the shortfall of the FreeFlix APK app.

The basic reason for this problem is that the ISP blocked the app. Therefore, to resolve this problem you need to contact the ISP. Or you can also use the VPN that is also highly recommended to use while using video streaming apps, to make the app functional.

Ensure that you are running this application on an Android device with Android 4.0 or above so that you can avoid any kind of trouble while installing this app or using this app. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FreeFlix TV APK

Q- Is the FreeFlix TV APK app free to use?

Yes, the FreeFlix TV APK app is free to use. You don’t need to pay any hidden or monthly charges to use this app. Moreover, you don’t need any kind of registration or subscription.

Q- Is FreeFlix APK 1.0.2 app free from viruses?

Yes, the FreeFlix APK app is a 100 percent virus-free app. You don’t need to worry about your data as it doesn’t contain any viruses or malware that will harm your device or data.

Q- Do you need a VPN for the android application FreeFlix APK?

Yes, it is highly recommended to always use a VPN while using any Android entertainment application. As these applications features videos thus, for your security and privacy protection the use of VPN is compulsory. Similarly, it is the case with the FreeFlix APK app. You must use a VPN to watch a video on the FreeFlix APK app.

Q- What devices support the android app FreeFlix TV app?

FreeFlix TV APK app supports almost all the android devices. These devices are mentioned here:

  1. Android Smartphone
  2. Android Smart TV
  3. Android SmartWatch
  4. Firestick/ Fire TV
  5. Fire Cube
  6. Android TV Box
  7. KODI Android Box
Q- Is it compulsory to log in or to subscribe to the FreeFlix APK to use?

No, there is no need to log in or any registration or subscription process to follow to use this app.  Just install this app and use it.

Q- For installing the FreeFlix TV APK what permission do you need?

You have to allow only one permission to download the app on Android smartphones from the third-party source. For this follow the given steps:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Hit on “Security”
  • Click on “Unknown Source”.

For installing the FreeFlix TV one permission required. For this permission follow the given steps:

  • Go to “Homescreen”
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Hit on “Device”
  • Select the options of “Developer Options”
  • Click on Apps from “Unknown Source”
  • Click on “Turn On button”.
Q- Is FreeFlix APK app Ad-Free?

FreeFlix APK is not an Ad-free application. This application does contain ads but these ads are not irritating at all. 


Install free FreeFlix TV APK and enjoy the unlimited entertainment in HD. The FreeFlix APK reviews showed that it is one of the best applications and most of the users recommend this application. The installation process of this application is simple and easy. Moreover, anyone can use this app easily as it has a simple user-interface. Now download this app and start watching live TV channels from various countries.


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