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Whatsapp is one of the most used social apps worldwide owned by Facebook. It is a very secure and useful app for messaging but there are many limitations to using it. That you cannot read deleted messages, you are unable to change the interface of it, and much more. To overcome these limitations, here is Whatsapp Plus APK 2022 latest version, which comes with many extra features such as anti-message delete, anti-status delete, custom themes, and much more.

Whatsapp Plus is a very well-known Whatsapp mod. In this Whatsapp, you get almost full control over privacy and security. You can customize the complete interface, styling, and much more in this Whatsapp mod.

There are many mods of the WhatsApp in-app zone offering you many extra features that are not available in the official app. Whatsapp Plus is one of the best mod after gb whatsapp apk. People are looking for more privacy features that are not available in the official app. If you are also looking for extra privacy, then you don’t need to worry because this app provides additional features like you can hide online status, double ticks, blue ticks, etc.

We have some other mods of WhatsApp as well like Gbwhatsapp And Yowhatsapp.

Whatsapp Plus APK Features

Here is some of the latest and major features of Whatsapp Plus Mod APK 2022.

App Name
WhatsApp Plus


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Features Of WhatsApp Plus APK

Theme facility

Users may choose from a variety of themes that are creative, flexible, and visually appealing. The entire user interface can be customized. Text, buttons, and graphics can all be customized in color. Customization is not possible in the original App. As a result, this app makes it simple to choose the appropriate visual appearance. In the App, there are over 700 themes to choose from. You also don’t need to download any additional themes. This App automatically installs the themes and organizes them by name, date, and edition.

More emoticons

The original App includes emoticons, which make the interaction feel more authentic and emotional. However, this app has expanded the emoticon library. It also includes Google Hangouts emoticons for enhanced collaboration. However, there is a catch. The emoticons are only visible to WhatsApp Plus users. If you submit an emoticon and the recipient already has the original app, new emoticons will not appear in the post.

Hiding options

Consumers of the original App were fed up with other people interrupting them when they were online. As a result, WhatsApp plus now has a hiding feature. You have the option of hiding your status from any person or party. Within the realm of secure messaging, this choice provided new independence.

Advanced file sharing option

The original WhatsApp only allows files up to 16 MB in size, which creates an interesting tension among data providers. This app allows users to share files up to 50 MB in size, which is very handy. Furthermore, this app allows users to modify files ranging in size from 2MB to 50MB. In the original App, there is no advanced photo sharing option.


You can use this function to uninstall all unwanted conversations, direct chats, and clean up any other clutter.

Recording Status

Another nice option of Whatsapp Plus APK is that it allows you to conceal your recording status from others.


Although this feature is only accessible for Whatsapp Business Accounts, Whatsapp Plus has created it to help its users. As a result, you can use this function to create and send an Auto-reply message to the people you specify.


Wallpapers Everyone enjoys having exclusive wallpapers on their walls, and this feature allows you to do just that on your chat screen.

History and Logs

History and Logs In this situation, you will hold the record of any operation that is performed on your account. This function can be extremely useful to you in a variety of ways.

Fonts and Styles

Everybody needs to keep a range of font styles, and this feature allows you to do so. You can choose from a variety of colors, sizes, styles, and shapes.


It enables you to upload high-definition images, videos later than 30 minutes, videos up to 50 MB in size, and audio files up to 100 MB in size.

The disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus APK

There are a couple of drawbacks to using this app, which is described below.

Updates are slow.

This App’s creators do not release updates on a regular basis. New updates must be awaited for months.

Concerns about the law

Following the DMCA takedown, Google pulled this app from the Play Store. However, it is still available for free from a variety of other websites. As a result, there is a problem with the App’s validity and legality. If you are an experienced person, you may want to think about the rules. This App, however, cannot be classified as either legal or illegal.

WhatsApp Plus Features For Android

Let’s have a look at some attractive features of this app that you can enjoy. I hope these features will help you to enhance your social media experience.  Don’t forget to give your feedback in the comments section:

Can delete your sent message
Can send replies privately in groups
Increased the limit for pin chat up to 25 to30
No-tag to forward a message to another person
Can make a video call in groups
Can lock voice recordings
Can add a description in groups
UPI Payments feature is now available
Can hide last seen; now, you can also hide the blue ticks and many more
Can send up to 30 images and also a filter option is available
Can invite another person by sending links to join a group
Can customize your themes and change the themes
Can update a stat up to 255 characters.
With this WhatsApp Plus mod, you can share high-quality images
Can get a backup of your message and all media if you uninstall your WhatsApp by mistake
Can change the style of conversations
Can mark as reading messages from the notification bar.
Can also select all chats at once from the home screen
Allows you auto-reply feature
Can copy anyone’s status on your clipboard
Can change themes and shares as well
Can get notification of which messages were revoked

And many other features which you can explore by downloading this app on your device. This app is small in size.  This app provides you complete security and safety. You can have this app on your devices in the long term without reinstalling it. So install this app and enjoy its incredible features!

Now, I will explain to you a complete guideline about downloading. Just stay with us!

How to Download WhatsApp Plus?

If you are interested in downloading this app, then you are at the right place. This app allows multiple new exciting features which you can get after downloading this app. Without wasting a single moment let’s follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Open your system and go to the browser and search WhatsApp Plus for Android, if you already have this app or first app then firstly make sure you uninstall it.

Step 2:

Now click on the download button. Downloading this app requires some permissions. You have to allow them.

Download Apk

Step 3:

After this, it will start downloading. Now you can install it easily.

Step 4:

In this step, you have to open this app and enter your contact number.

Step 5:

Verify your number by entering a password that is sent by WhatsApp.

Step 6:

That’s it now you have successfully updated the version of this app on your phone. Have Fun!

The above steps are simple to download and install this app. But make sure you have internet access to download and use this app. And it is entirely free for all users all over the world. No matter where you are living, you can use this app at any time and anywhere.

There are so many websites available on the internet that provide false information. But our website is completely secure and provides correct information. You can trust us. Some versions of this app are restricted on the Android platform, but this version permits to run of the app on Android and IOS as well. So download it and have fun!

Way to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp APK Plus:

This App isn’t accessible on the Google Play store. That’s the reason behind downloading this App from this site. App is a mod app and is only available on its official website. You can also download this from the given download button. Following a few steps will guide you, how you can switch your simple WhatsApp account to Whatsapp plus

Back up, WhatsApp:

You have to back up all the information from the first App. For that, you need another programming. What’s more, the correct programming is dr. fone. In this way, you can download it and introduce it to your PC.

 Connect the gadget with PC:

In the second step, you have to interface your device with the PC by utilizing a USB link. Further, you have to open dr. fone on your PC and choose backup as an alternative. This step will fire backing up your information. At that point, you have to sit tight for the backup to finish.

Enjoy back up on PC:

After finishing, you have to see back up for affirmation.

Reestablish back up to WhatsApp Plus:

At that point, you have to choose to reestablish the WhatsApp tab for placing information into your new App. This demonstration will restore all information in the new App. Presently you can see messages and other information on the new App.

Is WhatsApp plus APK legal?

The legitimacy of the situation is in considerable doubt. This app was previously removed from the Google Play Store, but it is now downloadable again. When some sources asked the WhatsApp team for clarification, they received an unsatisfactory answer. This app was labeled as illegal and dangerous by the WhatsApp team. However, authorities have remained silent on the topic. As a result, the legitimacy of the situation is uncertain. This software can be classified as a grey list app since it is neither legal nor illegal.

There are some frequently asked FAQs, which are given below:

In 2021, what’s new in WhatsApp Plus: updates and improvements

Malavida’s edition of WhatsApp Plus 2021 is, as has been the case for a few months, a creation by HeyMods, who are currently updating one of the most common MODs for this messaging client. Please keep in mind that this is not an official growth and that multiple developers are working on different versions of WhatsApp Plus at the same time. The finest WhatsApp Plus alternatives (February 2021)

Some of the most common WhatsApp MODs are WhatsApp Plus and Yo Whatsapp. It is not, however, the only option; there is a long list of substitutes if you do not want to use this one.

What is WhatsApp Plus and how does it work?

If you’re already familiar with GB WhatsApp messenger, learning how to use WhatsApp Plus should be easy. It’s used in the very same way. This means that once you’ve downloaded the app, all you have to do is register with your phone number, much as you did with the original WhatsApp app, and start messaging your contacts in whatever way you want.

Is WhatsApp Plus beneficial to the Original WhatsApp?

The answer is yes because you will find a vast collection of features by using this which is not available in the original app.

Is this app available for all platforms?

No, this app is not available for all platforms; you can only download it on Android phones.

Is this app secure?

Yes, it’s completely secure, and you don’t worry about privacy concerns.


Many apps are available on the internet but this app has fantastic features.  You can communicate with each other all around the world.  You can send messages, images, videos, and documents within one platform in a natural way. This app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use, and it’s completely free. You don’t have to pay any charges.

This app is available for all android users all over the world. It’s free of cost. You can change this app according to your requirements. I am sure you would love to play this app. All need to download it and have fun.

If you still have any problems, you can freely comment below. We will try you help it out. Keep visiting us! Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks for visiting!

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